GO Track

Drive profits without driving the tractor.

GOtrack® GPS Auto Drive is the autonomous, driverless system that drives your tractor for you. So you can drive productivity and profits — with less work.

<span>Drive profits</span> without driving the tractor.

Why GOtrack®?

Drive once to set the path and let GOtrack® do the rest.

GOtrack - Simple Intuitive

Simple and intuitive spraying, mowing and mulching

GOtrack - Free Time

Frees you up to focus on difficult tasks

GOtrack - Staff Shortages

Overcome staff shortages

GOtrack - Existing Tractor

Works with your existing tractor

GOtrack - Control From Phone

Control from your phone

GOtrack - Night Driving

Safer night driving

See it in action

GOtrack® the ultimate driveless system

Automate your orchard with GOtrack®

Automate your almond grove with GOtrack®

Automate your citrus farm with GOtrack®

Automate your vineyard with GOtrack®

Configure GOtrack® your way

GOtrack - Remote Control

Tractor remote control

Introducing the most advanced system for autonomous tractor steering. Simply drive once to record the path on the computer and your tractor will do the rest. Each path is saved as a separate program, so it’s easy to pick the program for today’s conditions via the easy-to-use interface. Choose speed, RPM, liquid dosage and more — and monitor it all from your phone.

GOtrack - Integration

Easy integration

GOtrack integrates seamlessly with all types of machinery and equipment. It’s also a breeze to install and set up, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

GOtrack - Features

Packed with features

From cruise control to line assist for parallel driving between rows, automatic obstacle detection and steering wheel corrections, GOtrack offers the ease and convenience you can expect from a fully autonomous tractor system — backed by local service and support to get it up and running the way you want.

GOtrack - Safety

Safety smarts

GOtrack is packed with intelligent safety features, so you can be confident it’s getting the job done with less risk and hassle. It sends an SMS alarm when the tank is low, the tractor gets too hot, there’s an obstacle on the path, or something else needs your attention. You can also send a text message to stop the route.


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