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ERO Roll Over Roller Defoliator

The ERO Vine Defoliators have rapidly become the ‘machine of choice’ throughout Australasia!

The angles of the masts and defoliator heads can be adjusted ‘on the go’ from within the cab, while the parallelogram linkage allows the heads to follow the contours of the canopy with optimised pressure to ensure good performance without damaging grapes in the process. 

A safety breakaway ensures minimal damage in the event of unexpected incidents, and the German-engineered components and system design have proven ERO Vine Defoliators to be industry leading performers.

Available as Single In Row, Roll-Over and Double In Row. 

  • Stainless steel housing cover
  • Optional hydraulic pre-cutter
  • Optional hydraulic side shift
  • Optional hydraulic angle adjustments of mast/defoliator head
  • Optional Joystick Controller
  • Optional double acting hydraulic Multi-Mast with internal ram
  • Easy cleaning by simply opening outer housing cover
  • Angle adjustment of defoliator head
  • Break-away system for impact protection
  • Parallelogram suspension system
  • Steel impeller fan with two counter-rotating rollers
  • Optional roll-over device which pivots head 180 degrees

Brochure Defoliator Elite

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