ERO Single Row Procut Trimmer

✓ Easy setup and adjustment
✓ Clean cutting at high speeds
✓ Multi-function mast saves on future CapEx


ERO Double In-row Procut Trimmer

✓ Multi-function mast with proportional joystick control standard
✓ Clean cutting at high speeds
✓ Optional under-cutters and more


ERO Double In-row VIEW Procut

✓ Lower centre of gravity
✓ Full visibility even in narrow vineyards
✓ Terraced/rolling/undulating terrain


ERO Table Grape Double In-row Procut Trimmer

✓ Up to 65° board angle adjustment
✓ Clean cutting at high speeds
✓ Shoot lifter option available


ERO Over-row Procut Trimmer

✓ Clean cutting at high speeds
✓ Fully sealed cutterboard: keeps out dirt and debris
✓ Comfort joystick for smooth, light-touch action


ERO Double Over-row Procut Trimmer

✓High productivity: trim 4-6ha per hour
✓Highly adjustable for conditions
✓Proportional joystick control standard

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