ERO VSL 07 Pre-Pruner

✓ ERO multi-function mast & control for easy attachment of trimmers and herbicide sprayers
✓ Economical for medium to large vineyards
✓ Low maintenance, quality parts and keeps your canopy wires clean


ERO VSL Profi Pruner

✓ Auto-open system: Convenient, fatigue-reducing
✓ Commercial & contractor-friendly design
✓ Efficient operation: Optimal performance & control


ERO VSL HD One Pass Box Pruner

✓ Highly efficient: saves 2 passes
✓ Built for Australian conditions with European technology
✓ One-pass box pruning


ERO Viteco Cane Pruner

✓ Innovative control features
✓ Saves the need for a second pass to mulch
✓ Designed for all Australian vineyards

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