Canopy Management

If you're a fruit grower, you need the very best equipment that can take on your day-to-day tasks. Together with our horticulture partner Fruit Tec and viticulture canopy management specialist ERO GmdH, our European-manufactured specialist orchard machines and trimmers are designed to meet the commercial demands of large-scale orchadists. So you can get the best performance out of your orchard, year after year.


SAW LPM Pre-Pruner

✓ Vertical & horizontal work at same time
✓ Cuts branches up to Ø8 cm thick
✓ For hedgerow & high density orchards


ERO OBS Orchard Pruner

✓ Robust, high quality
✓ Modular design
✓ Low maintenance


ERO Impulse Defoliator

✓ Modular design
✓ Low maintenance
✓ Long life

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