GO Track

Steer your profits in the right direction.

GOtrack® Line Assist is the easy and affordable device that controls the steering wheel for you, without needing GPS.

So you can multitask, fully focus on the implements, and avoid accidents – with less work, time and stress.


Why GOtrack®?

Just switch it on and let GOtrack® Line Assist do the rest.

GOtrack - Simple Intuitive

Hands-off steering

GOtrack - Free Time

Frees you up to focus on other tasks


Adjustable offset & asymmetrical driving mode

GOtrack - Existing Tractor

Works with your existing tractor

GOtrack - Control From Phone

Convenient control panel & LiDAR sensor

GOtrack - Night Driving

Safer night driving

Simpler, smarter, safer steering

Easy and intuitive

GOtrack® Line Assist combines a small yet durable device that easily and securely attaches to your steering wheel for automatic and parallel driving, together with a LiDAR sensor connected to the front of your tractor or platform. A steering sensor then measures the turning angle of the wheels. Simply use the convenient control panel to switch it on and off and configure your settings.


Endless applications

Use GOtrack® Line Assist when tackling any and all vineyard and orchard tasks – from spraying to mowing, aggregation in inter-rows, fruit harvesting, tree cutting, and assembling scaffolding and protective nets. The device is a stand-alone set or can be a supplement to other products, such as GOtrack® remote control.


Packed with features

From asymmetrical driving mode to adjustable offset, GOtrack® Line Assist has everything you need to steer safely and efficiently. From detecting obstacles and the end of each row, to controlling the direction of travel, and automatic recovery onto the right track — all backed by local service and support any time you need it.


Night driving detection

During night driving, the optical sensor provides greater detection of the environment than the human eye.


Line Assist Basic

✓ Suits slow-moving platforms & self-propelled harvesters
✓ For inter-row applications with low speed up to 5 km/h
✓ For expected centering accuracy between rows up to approx. 10cm

Line Assist Pro

✓ Suits tractors with attachments
✓ For inter-row applications with low to high speed up to 15 km/h
✓ For expected centering accuracy between rows up to approx. 2cm

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