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ERO VSL HD One Pass Box Pruner

The ERO VSL HD One pass box pruner is your customisable solution – tailored to meed the unique pruning requirements of all our AME Group clients.

This advanced machine is equipped with a range of features that have been designed to streamline and simplify those vigorous pruning tasks. The 100cm HD mast with 60cm of travel, hydraulic tilt and side shift and all standard features. Not only that – the VSL HD pruner is:

  • Built for Australian conditions, with partnership and proven improvements alongside a large corporate vineyard in SA
  • Saves you time: why do it in two passes when you can do it in one?
  • Robust enough to handle large vineyards, rough terrain and an intensive work rate


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  • Serrated cutting discs remove canes and tendrils from wires
  • Slow speed rotors for low maintenance
  • Individual hydraulic motors on each barrel
  • Break-away system with hydraulic re-set protects machine from damage in event of impact
  • Lower disc on each barrel is equipped with a fine tooth saw blade or lobed disc for finer & cleaner cut
  • Floating head to accurately follow canopy without damage
  • New extra heavy duty mast system with hydraulic side shift, width & height adjust
  • Stainless steel guards to protect tractor
  • Joystick Controller
  • Optional high speed saws
  • Optional side saws
  • Optional pre-cutter knifes

Brochure ERO Barrel Pruner VSL HD

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