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ERO VSL Pre-Pruner Single Row

Vineyard Pruner

ERO Barrel Pruners from AME Group are designed to meet the requirements of Australian vineyards of all types and styles.

The ERO VSL Pre-Pruner is another addition to the multifunction front tool carrier for any grower wanting to take control of their winter pruning needs. Suitable for either spur-pruning or canopy ‘topping’, ERO Vineyard Barrel Pruners have a host of innovative control features, making the job quicker and easier for our clients. 



  • Modular design with 6 to 14 pairs of cutter discs each barrel
  • Optional hydraulic angle adjust of mast
  • Optional Joystick Controller
  • Stainless steel guards to protect tractor
  • Double acting hydraulic Multi-Mast with internal ram
  • Floating head for contour following
  • Fine tooth saw blade on lower disc on each barrel
  • Cylinders are opened with an electronic button
  • Individual hydraulic motors on each barrel
  • Slow speed rotors for low maintenance
  • Serrated cutter producing clean result
  • Optional Z-linkage

ERO Barrel Pruner VSL

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