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O1 Orchard Sprayer

The O1 Orchard Tower Sprayer features:

  • Tangential fan technology offers a perfectly even ‘curtain’ of air from top to bottom, allowing the application to be perfectly matched to the target tree canopy, delivering sprays precisely to the target and not beyond it.
  • Versatile boom system allows fans to be configured to suit the target canopy, adjusting in a few minutes from narrow or wide ‘vertical’ position, angling for ‘V-trellis’ or ‘Xmas tree’ positions.
  • Pivoting tower system allows the entire tower to be lowered hydraulically for road transport, shed storage, safe and easy access to change or shut-off nozzles, cleaning and maintaining fans.
  • 100% hydraulic drive system including delivery pump and tangential fans improves operator safety and connection speed by removing the need for a PTO shaft.
  • Custom fibreglass tanks available in 2300lt and 3000lt capacity, each with a built-in 200lt fresh water tank for system flushing and handwash.
  • Pump, valves, flow meter, electrics and electronics all protected from elements and spray under a nosecone hood for reliability and ease-of-service access.
  • Simple, easy-to-use Arag auto rate control system including GPS speed sensor for accuracy and reliability.
  • Optional features include:
    • Minimise drift with new fan speed control system that allows the operator to adjust left and right fan speeds independently to compensate for wind, then ‘flip’ the system when returning in the other direction.
    • Maximise stability and operator ride comfort whilst minimising compaction with the new track system in place of wheels.
    • Isobus control system connects seamlessly with any Isobus-equipped tractor, allowing remote monitoring, GPS ‘proof of placement’ data and integration with tractor management systems.
    • Independent hydraulic powerpack system allowing tractors with low flow or pressure to run the sprayer at full capacity.
    • Pivoting tow hitch improves turning and allows the sprayer to track precisely behind tractor whilst turning. 

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