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Features include:

  • Homogeneity on the treatment
  • Ø900 mm air unit with 16 air straightening channels
  • Half-focused treatment
  • Increases the effectiveness of applications

Features of air unit

  • Air unit with GTX9 axial propeller which is provided with up to 22 air straightening deflectors used for the guidance of inertial flows, which are generated by the turning direction of the fan. They also enable the creation of turbulences which allow the correct moistening on the leaves’ underside and on the most difficult parts inside the trees. They make achieve a completely symmetrical left-right mixed distribution of air flow and phytosanitary liquid, placing it proportionally on the whole volume of the tree’s foliar mass and choosing among low, medium and high areas and according to the distance range to the target.
  • Generated highest air flow rate: 105.000 m³/h.
  • Easy adaptation to the different heights by means of the hydraulic regulation of the upper straightening deflectors, which allow the treatments without drift on 2,2 to 6 m high trees. Consequently, the performance of straightened air flow to the vegetation, on the basis of effectiveness, increases a 200% in relationship with a conventionally-built up air unit, as the drift in the low areas by air excess is reduced at the lowest levels as well as it is in the upper areas of open plantations.
  • Power required: 44 HP (rate of required power under standard working conditions, generated air flow: 75.000 m3/h).


Performances board

Air unit Eolo GTX9

FAN POSITION A / 30º B / 35º C / 40º D / 45º
r.p.m T.F.
400 m³/h 32.500 43.000 46.000 56.000 51.000 63.100 59.500 77.100
hp 7,2 12,2 11 20,9 14,3 17,5 19,8 38,5
480 m³/h 39.000 51.100 54.700 66.700 61.000 75.000 72.000 91.500
hp 10,4 20,35 17 32,5 23,6 44 35,2 64,3
540 m³/h 44.100 58.170 62.500 76.100 69.400 86.000 81.700 105.000
hp 15,4 27,5 24,2 46,2 33 61,6 50,6 84,7



Reinforced frame, designed in steel plate and laser-manufactured, which allow us its chain production and a perfect result, providing the machine with utmost stiffness.


3 Levels** which achieve a constant and homogeneous mixing in high, medium and low pressure. Full sweeping of the bottom.
*Depending on the capacity of the tank.


38 jets ADSTC anti-dripping double steerable turning with stopcock closing device: with 2 ceramic nozzles per jet laid out in the channels A,B and C.

TANKS (EC rules)

  • Top quality and uniform thickness polyethylene tanks.
  • Provided with: Main tank with .one flip-top lid, rinsing auxiliary tank (10%) and sanitary water tank 18l.
  • Design complying with ISO 9367 and 13440 ISO rules.
  • Full emptying even in 10% slopes.
  • Absence of dead areas. Easy rinsing.
  • 2 transparent level gauges.1 on front able to be seen on tractor’s cabin* + 1 on side for filling in the tank.


3 Levels of filtering

  • 1 BASKET Filter in the filling mouth of the tank.
  • 1 pump suction Filter
  • 1 pressure Filtering Central


Fixed axles provided with hydraulic brake: Centre-wheel to centre wheel 1.200mm in 1.500l, 1.350mm in 2.000l, 1.400mm in 3.000l and 1.650mm in 4.000l.

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