Mid-Row Single Rotor Slasher

This mower complements mid-sized tractors from 40-80HP and comes standard with: 5mm chassis reinforced to 8mm around the power unit Adjustable back roller Lateral counter-blades Skids and chains Reinforced front


Mid-Row Heavy Duty Slasher

The Centurion is built of 6mm steel, and comes standard with: Comer gearboxes delivering blade rotation of 1500rpm Front and back 200mm rollers Linked chain protection system to minimise flying debris


Mid-Row Adjustable Width Slasher

Grass mower of variable width, suited to work on vineyards and orchards for tractors from 40 to 80 HP. EQUIPMENT STANDARD CAT I-II three point hitch. Three gearbox with hexagonal bar of sliding. Rear roller, height adjustable Ø170. Front fixed wheels, height adjustable. Articulated aspiration blades. Hydraulic special system for adjustable. Side chutes for discharge […]


Mid-Row Slasher with Undervine Mowers

With many safety and protection features, such as automatic breakaway and anti-shock drive coupling as standard, the Discovery will handle the demands of commercial vineyards while requiring a tractor of only 40-80 HP.

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