FMR Sweeper Options

With the option of either direct mount to the tractor or fitted to our ERO Tool Carrier mast, the FMR Undervine Sweepers provide efficient vineyard maintenance. With a safety breakaway to prevent damage from impact and brushes which prevent stones and rocks being swept into the rows, FMR Undervine Sweepers can be easily customised to […]


NB Machinery Sweeper Options

The NB Machinery Sweepers are a great choice for a clean sweep in the orchard or vineyard. Hydraulic adjustment of height and sweeper head angle plus optional width control makes the Sweep Plus easy to use. The speed adjustable rotor fitted with rubber flaps or nylatron brushes provides a great result regardless of the size […]


FMR Sweeper Heads on Xtrem Frame

AME Group have adapted their FMR Sweeper Heads onto the NB Machinery Xtrem Frame to give the grower more versatility with the base machine with this well proven and effective sweeper that will easily gather the prunings into the row centre and pairs well with a NB Machinery Mulcher when the sweeper is mounted on […]

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