Product release - 3 row harvester mounted Recycling Sprayer

The R-Series recycling sprayer was released in New Zealand in 2010 and has become the market leading vine sprayer throughout Australasia. Delivering proven results in deposition and spray coverage together with substantial savings gained by reduced wastage, efficiencies from increased working time between tank refills and longer spraying windows with lower fuel usage.

The latest development from FMR offers a new level of efficiency, spraying three complete rows in a single pass, using the R-Series shrouding system to eliminate drift and recapture unused spray.

Mounted on a harvester tractor unit or ‘tool carrier’, this machine has been carefully designed to allow operators to work in terraced or undulating vineyards and in a wide variety of different row spacings, with the ability to quickly and easily adjust the spraying units hydraulically ‘on the go’ using the standard control system of the tractor unit.

With a main tank capacity of 2400lt plus fresh water for flushing and hand washing, the machine is capable of spraying for long periods between refills which, together with the ability to spray three complete row at once, provide unsurpassed efficiency.

A ‘quick-detach’ system allows the entire spray unit to be mounted and dismounted within 15 minutes without specialist tools.

The R-Series system has become the spray application system of choice for the majority of commercial scale vineyards in New Zealand, especially those that are focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

FMR Group are proud to bring this new development to the New Zealand market, being the first company globally to offer the combination of recycling technology together with the ability to operate on a range of different tractor units or tool carriers.

It isn’t often that a decision to improve sustainability also results in improved profits through cost reductions and improved operator safety and comfort but the R-Series system is designed to deliver exactly that.

A true triple bottom line investment.  

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harvester mounted sprayer

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