7 reasons why you need an automated steering system

With rising costs and other challenges continuing to plague growers, it’s never been a more difficult time to upgrade your viticulture or horticulture equipment.


But there is an easy and cost-effective solution: GOtrack® Line Assist.


This groundbreaking new automated steering system controls your tractor or platform steering wheel for you, without needing GPS.


That means you can multitask, fully focus on the implements, and avoid accidents caused by fatigue or human error – with less work, time and stress.


“GOtrack® Line Assist is an excellent option for growers who can’t or don’t want to invest in a fully automated system,” says AME Group Managing Director, Cam Clifford. 


“So not only do you save on up-front costs, you’ll also save time by being able to keep your hands off the steering wheel and focus on other tasks.”


How GOtrack® Line Assist works


GOtrack® Line Assist is a small yet durable device that easily and securely attaches to your steering wheel, while a LiDAR sensor is connected to the exterior of your tractor or platform.


Simply switch the device on and off as needed, and enjoy features such as auto start-stop on row entry and exit, while travelling at up to 20 km/h as well as in the dark.


“The biggest benefit really is that GOtrack® Line Assist makes driving much, much safer,” Cam says. 


“And that’s because it reduces the risk of accidents that happen when we get fatigued or simply make mistakes while working.”


7 reasons to get GOtrack® Line Assist

  1. Convenient control panel
  2. Safer, smarter driving
  3. Available in orchard or vineyard mode
  4. Works with towed or linkage implements
  5. Compatible with all implement operating speeds
  6. Auto start-stop on row entry and exit
  7. Detects in the dark

How to order GOtrack® Line Assist

To steer your productivity and profits in the right direction, pre-order GOtrack® Line Assist now for delivery in April.

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