Big savings for big Goulburn grape grower

Spread across 1,450 acres with 16 grape varieties, Victoria’s largest moderately cool climate single estate vineyard needs to save time, chemicals and costs at every turn. And with the FMR R-Series Recycling Sprayer, Trifon Estate Wines manager Sam Gallo does just that – season after season.

Known for distinctly warm conditions tempered by abundant waterways and winds, Goulburn Valley is a prime region for not only ripe reds but also powdery mildew. For vast vineyards like Trifon Estate Wines, that means the pressure is on to combat disease while also keeping efficiency up and costs down.


“Being a large vineyard, we need to get around and spray when we can,” says Trifon Estate Wines manager, Sam Gallo.


After researching and looking at several vineyard sprayers, the FMR R-Series Recycling Sprayer was the clear winner.


“Straight away, we noticed our spraying program was much more efficient,” Sam says.


“Not only are we saving on fungicides with fewer tank fills, we’ve also seen significant savings on fuel as we can run the tractor on low revs.”


Spray and save


Those savings are all down to the advanced features and innovations packed into a single slick unit.


The sprayer works by collecting, filtering and then recycling any rogue spray back into the tank to be reused. This reduces both drift and average yearly spray costs (as much as 40% or more for many of our customers), while minimising the environmental impact to help vineyards be more sustainable.


The R-Series also makes it easy and effortless to keep the spray program going in high-wind conditions, backed by a robust build that will see you through many seasons to come.


“We’re often battling 20km/h winds, so being able to spray in windy conditions is invaluable for keeping our jobs on track,” Sam says.


Here for the long haul


Innovative features and the resulting savings aren’t the only things that have Sam singing AME’s praises.


“Their backup service is excellent,” he says. “Anytime I need a hand, I just call and everything gets resolved quickly.”


Get in touch with our friendly team to see how much you can save with our exclusive R-Series Sprayers.

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