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AF10 Evolution Platform

The fruits are transported individually through very flexible rubber bowls, preventing hits or punctures to fruit. The fruits rise up and are then dropped down, filling the bin without impact.

The easy-to-handle arms are designed to allow a working angle of 180 degrees, always leaving the fruits one by one in the center of the bowls. Those in front allow a rotation of 270° which facilitates the entry into the rows without having to fold them and place fruit in them from the start.

The chain where the bowls are bolted is made of polyamide, needs no maintenance, and is easy to assemble.

Each arm leaves the fruits in its line of cups, and each of the 6 lines leaves the fruits in 6 different points inside the 880mm diameter rotary filling.

Coupling phase of fruits into the bin:

  • The rotary filler rotates inside the bin, while this one doesn’t rotate. The bin filler has 6 entrance tapestries and 14 output tapestries that are coupling the fruit inside the bin. In traditional machines with conveyor belts, all the fruits goes to a tapestry which then distributes the fruits around the bin while rotating, with a sensor that corrects the filling level.
  • With the AF10 Evolution, fruits are dropped individually into 6 tapestries when they enter into the rotary filler, and the fruits are distributed among the other 14 tapestries that are responsible for letting the fruit inside the bin. With the incorporated sensors that correct the level, an optimal filling of the entire surface of the bin is guaranteed.



· KUBOTA motor 4 cylinders 35 HP, cooled by water
· All maneuvers by radio control
· Hydrostatic transmission
· 2 speeds: from 0 to 14 Km/h
· Negative brake system: the machine stops automatically when engine off and in neutral
· Hydraulic servo steering
· 2-wheel drive 10.75/15.3
· 2-wheel steering 10.75/15.3
· Hydraulic lateral platforms: 2 levels, remote controlled
· Steering column fixed to the platform
· Harvesting with bowls
· Adjustable arm support up and down

Bin trailer with 8 hydraulic manoeuvers:

· Bin trailer upper part (empty bins) with simple chain
· Bin trailer bottom part (full bins) with double row of chains
· 2-wheel steering 7.00 / 12

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