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Orchard defoliator in apple trees removing leaves from fruit to aid ripening

Orchard Defoliator, ERO Impulse

The Impulse Orchard Defoliator has been further developed from market feedback. This revised design suits Australasian growers common tree architecture, and reflects the requests from the market to be able to effectively removes leaves from a 3D tree system and to reduce the number of required passes in 2D systems.

The Impulse orchard defoliator utilises the patented and unique ERO Nozzle and valve system which offers significantly higher efficiency than other systems, while the twin-head system allows for the target area to be easily adjusted to suit your conditions.

The new ERO Duo 350 head features a polycarbonate defoliator shroud to reduce the possibility of catching and pinging of branches, and a pivoting head system to easily setup the machine to remove the leaves in the target area for your orchard.

Contact AME for a detailed proposal specified to your orchard.

  • Impulse Defoliator Head Kit and Compressor Unit
  • ERO Mast Unit with lateral inclination 
  • Heavy Duty Roll-Over device with hydraulic side-shift
  • Comfort Controller with hydraulic command block and joystick


Previous models of the Impulse orchard defoliators have been independently assessed at a trial site of Pink Lady on the Waimea Plains in the Tasman region of NZ.  Known for their vibrant colour, Apple varieties such as Pink Lady should only be picked once the foreground colour has reached a commercially satisfactory level. Sunlight is a vital component for the fruit to develop foreground colour. The defoliator was assessed on its ability to get sunlight to the fruit through the canopy, by removing leaves with the use of a high frequency pulsating airstream. For a copy of the report, and links to video please contact AME.

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