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ERO Double Over Row Roller Defoliator

The ERO Vine Defoliator for Large Vineyards

With many features such as defoliator head and mast angle able to be adjusted while on the move from within the cab, the specially developed linkage allows the defoliator to perform with optimised pressure and ensure great results and no damaged grapes in the process. 

Furthermore, a safety breakaway helps to ensure minimal damage in the event of obstructions or accidents, and FMR Group clients benefit from the German-engineered components and system design that have proven ERO Vine Defoliators to be industry leading performers. 

Available as Single Over Row and Double Over Row.

  • Stainless steel housing cover
  • Optional hydraulic angle adjust of defoliator head
  • Optional hydraulic pre-cutter
  • Hydraulic angle adjustment of mast
  • Easy cleaning by simply opening outer housing cover
  • Hydraulic width adjustment
  • Joystick Controller
  • Two double acting hydraulic Multi-Mast with internal ram
  • Break-away system for impact protection
  • Parallelogram suspension system
  • Steel impeller fan with two counter-rotating rollers
  • Optional powerpack

Brochure Defoliator Profi

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