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ERO Table Grape Double In-row Procut Trimmer

Designed & manufactured in Germany

The new ERO Procut Vine Trimmer’s uniquely shaped cutter blades are manufactured from high grade stainless steel for clean cutting at high speeds, with the cutter-board being fully sealed against dirt and debris.

Easily set up and adjusted to suit your specific needs, the ‘Comfort’ joystick allows smooth, light-touch action and has a split control box to aid positioning in the cab.

The ERO ProCut offers configurations for all vineyards, whether small scale or large.

Available as Single In Row, Double In Row, Single Over Row, Double Over Row and TG Skirting.

  • High grade stainless steel cutter blades, with new shape for a surgical cut & suction effect
  • Optional shoot lifters
  • Optional additional lower cutter-boards
  • Optional hydraulic width adjust (motor/chain driven)
  • Optional hydraulic angle adjust of mast/individual cutter-boards
  • Cutting elements can be moved closer together for transport
  • New 'Comfort' Joystick Controller
  • Double acting hydraulic Multi-Mast with internal ram
  • All sliding surfaces Teflon bushed for long life
  • Centre-mounted on tractor for clear vision of trimming zone
  • Cutter-boards with gas shock break-away system
  • Optional Z-linkage

ERO ProCut Trimmer

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