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ERO Vitipulse Over-row

The VITIpulse pulsed air defoliator uses a unique valve-nozzle system to generate pulsed bursts of air. It cleans the grape zone, removing outer leaves as well as those in the foliage wall without harming the grapes. Good air circulation reduces the danger of botrytis bunch rot and other fungal diseases. At the same time more rapid drying of the grape zone is achieved. VITIpulse can already be used at the end of flowering (BBCH 68) until shortly before harvest (BBCH 83). Adjusting parameters enable many different objectives, from removing a few leaves to targeted yield adjustment.


  • A perfect view of the defoliator heads
  • Direct control over the defoliator results
  • Good load distribution


  • Rapid and simple mounting
  • Minimum soiling of the tractor
  • Compact mounting and highly maneuverable – perfect for narrow headlands
  • Individually configurable
  • Full control over the most important machine parameters and individual adjustment options with the VITIpulse terminal.
  • Optimal defoliation results

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