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Linkage vineyard sprayer with tangential fans

VLM Single Row Linkage Vineyard Sprayer

Linkage Vineyard Sprayer is available in 400, 600 and 800 litre tank options.  A compact, robust and well-designed sprayer to suit challenging terrain. 

Utilising the Weber tangential fan delivery system, the VLM linkage vineyard sprayer delivers the product to the vine canopy evenly, efficiently, and effectively.

Suits vineyards that require a compact, single-row vine sprayer that is carried on tractor linkage but still demands an excellent result. The chemical deposition and bunch penetration offered by the VLM linkage vineyard sprayer has been proven by independent testing to exceed industry standards and provide exceptional disease control even in the most inclement climates and with very low off-target drift.

Has many premium features which are not common on this size of sprayers such as freshwater and hand wash tank, double rollover nozzle bodies on wet boom system and high-quality components such as Arag valve systems

Linkage Vineyard Sprayer Standard Specifications

  • AR-503 pump (55lpm- 40bar)
  • Arag Control valves with electric in cab controls
  • Suction filter and shut off valve
  • Pump can be PTO driven or Hydraulic
  • Galvanised frame.


Achieve unsurpassed accuracy in coverage with the Weber low drift tangential fan application system. 

Features of the Boom Kit:

  • Weber QU14 Tangential Fans
  • 8 Double flip over nozzle bodies
  • Full set of 40′ nozzles (32) to suit your requirements
  • Effortless to target bunch lines and adjust to growing canopy without striping


Offers the small to medium sized vineyard the same premium results as FMR two row sprayers, or take a look at the trailed single row option.


  • Weber tangential fans with roll-over nozzle bodies
  • Polyethylene main tank, system flushing and handwashing tanks
  • Fresh water capacity of 20L
  • 100% dip galvanised frame
  • Hydraulic drive optional
  • Optional upgrade to Bravo 180S auto rate controller
  • Switchbox

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