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Single row trailed vineyard sprayer

VT Single Row Trailed Vineyard Sprayer

 VT is a trailed single row vineyard sprayer available in 1000, 1500, 2000 litre tank options.

The VT suits vineyards which require a compact, single row sprayer but still demand an excellent result. With the tangential fan delivery system, the VT single row vineyard sprayer delivers the product to the target evenly, efficiently, and effectively. The chemical deposition and bunch and canopy penetration have been proven by independent testing to exceed industry standards and provide exceptional disease control even in the most inclement climates.

The Weber tangential fans with the wet boom system and rollover nozzles offer a simple and quick setup for any level of operator without compromising on effective spray application The large flotation tyres reduce compaction in the inter-row and make for easy travel even in difficult spring conditions.

The Bertolini pump is standard with PTO drive but with the option of upgrading to hydraulic drive, which reduces OHS risk and makes connecting the sprayer swift and simple. With hydraulic drive, many operators find an auto rate control unnecessary as the pump speed does not vary with the speed of the tractor and the electric cab controller that is standard is sufficient.

Single Row Vineyard Sprayer Features

  • Inbuilt fresh water tank for simple flushing of system
  • Hand wash tank
  • Fully electro dipped galvanised chassis
  • Bertolini Poly 2073 pump
  • Electric cab control for remote L & R control and pressure adjust
  • Hi Flotation wheels with heavy-duty axle


Offers the small to medium sized vineyard the same premium results as FMR two row sprayers, or take a look at the linkage mounted single row option.

  • Weber tangential fans with roll-over nozzle bodies
  • Polyethylene main tank, system flushing and handwashing tanks
  •  1000, 1500, 2000 litre tank options
  • 100% dip galvanised frame
  • Hydraulic drive optional
  • Switchbox
  • Optional upgrade to Bravo 180S auto rate controller
  • Optional wheel kit

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