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linkage fan sprayer for vineyards

NB Machinery Star Tower Single Row Sprayer

With a gearbox-driven 720mm fan, the Star Tower linkage sprayer can be perfectly matched to your spraying program needs and tractor horsepower.

Manufactured in Europe with stainless steel fan components and Bertolini pump, this extremely cost-effective option is simple to set up and maintain.

The Star Tower has become well renowned in the Australian wine growing market for well-built sprayers using high-quality components such as AR pumps and Arag valves systems while being at a level of investment that is cost-effective for smaller-scale vineyards.

The features of the Star Tower include:

  • Polyethylene main tank with freshwater system flush and hand wash tanks
  • 7 blade 720mm diameter fan
  • 12 double-ended flip over nozzle bodies with anti-drip valves
  • Fan housing made in Stainless steel
  • Spray tubes made in Stainless steel
  • 2-speed fan drive gearbox
  • Electric solenoid controls are standard with upgrade option to rate controller

Add-on options for the sprayer are:

  • Galvanized frame for longevity of sprayer
  • Electric cabin control to enable basic sprayer function and commands (on/off & pressure)

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