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Herbicide sprayer for vineyards

Trailed/Linkage Herbicide Sprayer for Vineyards

Herbicide sprayer for vineyards designed to safely apply weed control chemicals your vineyard or do de-suckering in Spring, with alloy-shrouded heads and vine protection that uses air induction nozzles to keep spray drift to an absolute minimum. Trailed or mounted herbicide sprayers are designed to offer an effective weed solution for vineyards of all sizes and conditions.

Simply select the tank and chassis you need and match with a boom system to suit your requirements and achieve excellent weed control even in windy conditions. OR select from the boom only solutions for retrofit to existing trailers and ERO mast systems used for trimmers.

Straightforward to set-up, operate and maintain with double breakaway on the droppers and instant shut-off solenoid valves, and numerous hydraulic options to make operation even easier.

To avoid damage, a herbicide sprayer for vineyards should be shrouded, designed to avoid direct contact of the spray with vine foliage, green bark or roots.

Herbicide Sprayer with Shrouded Spray Kit for vineyards

The unique shrouded spray heads allow use of herbicide in windy conditions without damage to canopy, and application of desiccant sprays for removing suckers.
Double nozzle bodies afford easy adjustment while individual solenoid valves ensure fast shut-off and no damage to headland sward.

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