Roller Hacke & Finger Weeder by BÄHR

Finger weeder with Roller Hacke is the innovative BÄHR cultivation system, with hydraulic adjustments allowing easy optimization of the work – the tilt angle can be continuously adjusted hydraulically during operation.  The finger cultivator is specially designed for viticulture work, with a curved shape and ideal height giving an excellent result. Fits to a tool […]


NB Machinery Snake Plus Knife

Interstock cultivator, mounted on a single or doubled sided carrier such as Xtrem,works at 5-10cm deep & 5-10 km/h.


NB Machinery Power Tiller Heads

The tiller head with a sensor is a newly released tool in 2020 for the Xtrem frame system and provides for growers who are looking for a more tilled result or for areas that are being redeveloped With a working diameter of 350mm, the head is flexible to work in narrow plant spacings and can […]


NB Machinery Powered Discs

Propelled disc plow with hydraulic rod ready to be mounted onto an Xtrem frame. Oil flow required : 25 Ltrs/min (motor) + 12 lt/min (rod). STANDARD EQUIPMENT Disc plow with 3 discs Ø360 with motor and hydraulic rod. Double-acting effect special cylinder. Highly suitable for pulling down mounds MODELS   MOD. Ø KG OIL IDM336D […]


NB Machinery Automatic Intercep Plough

Interstock plow (not propelled) ready to be mounted onto an Xtrem frame. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Reinforced arm with special ploughshares. Double-acting effect special cylinder. Accident prevention protections according to EC directives. MODELS   MOD. KG OIL IAU001D 65 kg 12 lt/min IAU001I 65 kg 12 lt/min IAU001K 130 kg x2 25 lt/min x2 IMAGES

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