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Roller Hacke & Finger Weeder by BÄHR

Finger weeder with Roller Hacke is the innovative BÄHR cultivation system, with hydraulic adjustments allowing easy optimization of the work – the tilt angle can be continuously adjusted hydraulically during operation. 

The finger cultivator is specially designed for viticulture work, with a curved shape and ideal height giving an excellent result.

Fits to a tool carrier, giving flexibility to add further implements for cultivation, sweeping, weeding and mowing. 

The finger weeder with roller hacke is robust and operates at 5-8km/hr, making weed control efficient. The shallow operating depth reduces potential damage to vine roots, while the flexible fingers work around the trunk to minimise harm to vines.

Finger weeders are effective in removing young weeds through to established grass tufts around trunks and posts, and provides medium-term weed control while caring for the vines. 

The Roller Hacke is efficient in loosening the soil, breaking down clods, and disturbing weeds. The rounded tool ends protect vine trunks and posts from unwanted damage, and allows working close to the vine.

When deciding whether to use a finger weeder in a vineyard, various factors should be taken into account. These include soil type and condition, slope, weed type and pressure, vine age and vigor, and compatibility with existing equipment.

Contact us to get advice on the best setup for your undervine weed management. 


Bahr Cultivation Leaflet

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