Undervine Mowing


Undervine Mower, NB Machinery

Undervine mower disc heads, fits the NB Tool Carrier system. Heavy Duty under vine mowing disc with sensor arm control, and twin blades at opposing ends of the anvil. Anti-scalping centre disc and seal protection of the underside hub. Sensor arm has easy change position regulation for height or forward/aft settings. The operating costs and […]


NB Machinery Discovery Mower

The Discovery offers vineyard managers the opportunity to perform undervine and inter-row mowing tasks in one pass. With many safety and protection features, such as automatic breakaway and anti-shock drive coupling as standard, the Discovery will handle the demands of commercial vineyards while requiring a tractor only 40-80 HP.


NB Machinery Flexycut Nylon Mower

The NB Machinery Flexy-Cut Nylon mower is another tool that can be added to the Xtrem Frame tool carrier. The Flexy Cut Nylon mower has an 800mm head to enable efficient ground speed and adjustable working path. NB Machinery Xtrem frame tool carrier is easily interchangeable between tools for different conditions and seasons. The Flexy […]


NB Machinery Rotary Mulcher Head

Flail mower with flails or hammers with hydraulic motor and rod. Ready to be attached to tool carrier. Oil flow required 30 Ltrs/min (motor) + 12 lt/min (rod). STANDARD EQUIPMENT Flail mower L=600mm working width with hammers or knives. Hydraulic motor and rod. Double-acting effect special cylinder. Accident prevention protections according to EC directives. MODELS […]

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