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R-Series Recycling Sprayer

FMR R-Series Recycling Sprayer

The R-Series Recycling Sprayers capture and recycle any spray that doesn’t deposit on foliage back into the tank to be filtered and reused. At the start of the season, this means chemical savings of up to 80%. As foliage density increases, recovery rates obviously diminish but you can still expect an average of 30% chemical savings across the season.

Increased spray effectiveness  

The tangential fan system delivers an even curtain of high volume, low pressure air. This eliminates ‘striping’ and uneven coverage. The R-Series can operate effectively in higher-wind conditions, providing more opportunities to apply crop protection at critical stages. The ability to turn nozzles off means spray can be quickly and easily directed at small areas such as new season growth, without the need for spray head or nozzle adjustments.

Appreciated by vineyard operators

The R-Series Recycling Sprayer is quick to setup, hydraulic drive means no heavy lifting of dangerous PTO shafts and a fast connection to the tractor. Operators can simply turn the nozzles on or off to suit the canopy height, and rotate the double rollover nozzle bodies to get the right application. The tangential fan system is quieter than other sprayers, and operator comfort is further enhanced by the in-cab boom adjustment controls. With significant time savings gained through fewer refills, R-Series supports greater productivity and simplicity of vineyard operations.

Benefits of the R-Series Recycling Sprayer  

Recycling technology

  • Eliminates off-target spray drift

  • Reduces chemical usage up to 30% per annum

  • Excellent chemical deposition and bunch penetration

  • Reduced tractor and labour hours from reduced refilling

Hydraulic drive system

  • No PTO Shaft, allows tight headland turns

  • Reduced tractor fuel usage due to a lower operating RPM

  • Reduced maintenance compared to mechanical drive systems


Grower Testimonials 

Tamburlaine Wines  |  Lienert Estate  |   Trifon Estate  


  • Spray recycling system
  • Weber tangential fans with roll-over nozzle bodies
  • Composite tank with 2300L, 3000L and 4000L capacities
  • Fresh water capacity of 200L
  • 100% galvanised chassis & boom frame
  • Hydraulic boom arms with hydraulic rams & individual breakaway system
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Bravo 300S auto rate controller
  • Single or tandem axle with suspension system
  • Hydraulic width control
  • Optional third row kit
  • Optional hydraulic terrace control
  • Optional 3 point pivoting hitch

R-Series Recycling Sprayer

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