Sustainable sprayer for Tamburlaine Wines organic vineyards

Sustainable sprayer operating in organic vineyards

The search for a sustainable sprayer for organic vineyards led Tamburlaine to the R-Series Recovery Sprayer. Tamburlaine Vineyards is focused on sustainable practices, with a long-term winemaking philosophy centred around Contemporary Organic methods. After years of research and development, Tamburlaine has emerged as one of Australia’s leading producers of organic wines. With vineyards located in the Hunter Valley and Orange region, Tamburlaine showcases its commitment to sustainability through its extensive range of organic wines.

“I purchased a R-Series from Central Machinery Exchange in 2012 for our Organic vineyard and Tamburlaine wines. The main feature that made the decision for me was the savings from the recycling system which has saved us approx 40% of our average spray costs over the past 12 months. 

The reduction in spray drift is also important to us because off-target spray drift is wasted product. The robust construction of the sprayer is important to us as we have large area to be sprayed. The strength of the R-Series means minimal R&M cost during the spraying season”

“The FMR R-Series is the right choice for any vineyard that wants a machine that will last, will cut their spraying costs and will help them to be sustainable”

Clayton Kiely

Orange, NSW

The team at Tamburlaine credit their contemporary vineyard and winery management practices to why they are able to produce wines of provenance. The biodiversity of their soil is one of the key ingredients to producing award-winning wines. They believe sustainable and organic farming is the only way in moving towards not only better wines, but also a healthy planet.

Learn more about the R-Series sustainable sprayer for organic vineyards here.

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