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Xtrem Heavy Duty Tool Carrier, NB Machinery

The NB Machinery Xtrem heavy duty tool carrier is ideal for large-scale operations, offering strength and long life expectancy thanks to the adjustable nylon pads in the sliding carrier.

Xtrem is a high end tool-carrier that allows the full range of NB Tool Carrier implements to be fitted. 

Built of reinforced high resistance steel with anti-friction plastic components that negate the need for grease and reduces maintenance.

  • Ultra-Heavy-Duty chassis with adjustable Teflon slides
  • Frame width options as narrow as 250mm to frames reaching out to 3000mm
  • Two simultaneous side-shift rams
  • Optional linkage frames for front or rear mounting available
  • Optional wheel configurations to suit also available

Numerous options are available that allow you to build out an Xtrem Heavy Duty Tool Carrier system that meets your specific requirements. 

Select the hydraulic width frame suitable for your vineyard rows, which is added to the 3pt linkage frame with adaptor to connect to your tractor, rear or front mount. The team can assist with selecting the best wheel configuration and hydraulic/electric command options for your tractor. Then choose from the AME Group range of quality ground engaging or above ground tools, knowing that you can always add on to your NB Tool Carrier system. 

  • Front Mount Xtrem with Snake Weeder
  • Front Mount Xtrem with Sweeper
  • Rear Mount Xtrem (independent oil) Mower Discs
  • Rear Mount Xtrem with BAHR Rotary Hoe and Finger Weeder
  • Hydraulic Width Adjustment - 750mm to 3000mm
  • Mounting Plate Extensions - 150mm & 250mm
  • Mounting plate - lateral inclination +75/-15
  • Mounting plate - front inclination +80/-15
  • Front and rear mount options

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