Tool Carriers


BAHR Mid Mount System

Mid-mounted finger and roller weeder The devices can be attached to any tractor model using the adjustable mid frame when fitted with vertical lift rams. The roller and finger weeder can be used in combination or as single use tools. Add to this Mid-mount system other tools if tractor when clearance permit. The sturdy design […]


NB Machinery Syrah Front Mount Tool Carrier

Front mounted tool carrier shown with Snake tools and wheels. Oil Flow required: 25-30 Ltrs/min STANDARD EQUIPMENT – Central hydraulic lift cylinder of double efffect with tubes and hydraulic hooking to the tractor.– Fast hooking with a plate to weld to the tractor.– Main chassis with very reinforced structure.– Mechanical adjustment long width. 375 mm […]


NB Machinery Visual Mid Mounting System

Tool carrier to be fitted between axles, with hydraulic adjustment in height and width. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Working width hydraulic adjustment with double-acting cylinder. Lift carriers with independent hydraulic height adjustment through a double-acting cylinder. Wearplates made of self-lubricated plastic all-round. Lowest working position lock, adjustable.   Models MOD. KG IVU150D 105 IVD150 210 IVC075 125 […]


NB Machinery Merlot Tool Carrier

Our Merlot tool carrier and hitch assemble is our alternative to the Xtrem tool carrier where some savings can be made by not having the need for such a robust module option but still with similar features and still the flexibility to add a wide range of implements to each side or just one side. […]


NB Machinery Xtrem Tool Carrier

The XTREM NB Machinery center frame is our heavy duty tool carrier for any ground engaging tool what will require all the strength and long life expectancy thanks to the adjustable nylon pads in the sliding carrier. Built of reinforced high resistance steel with anti-friction plastic components that negate the need for grease and reduce […]

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