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Octopus Plus sprayer operating in vineyards

Octopus Plus Vineyard Sprayer, NB Machinery

Providing the efficiency and quality result required in today’s market, the Octopus Plus Vineyard Sprayer offers hydraulic adjustment of overall boom height as well as individual left and right hand booms, and boom folding from one set of hydraulics, makes operating the Octopus Plus simple even in challenging terrain. 

The Octopus Plus is an over row trailed vineyard sprayer, an ideal economic spraying solution that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness.

Available in 1500, 2000 and 3000 litre tank sizes. 

With a simple turbine air delivery system with twin speed gearbox, the sprayer delivers high volumes of air through the triple outlets on each tube, offering the ability to simply adjust the setup to your conditions to maintain exceptional protection in your vineyard.

The Octopus Plus offers exceptional manoeuvrability in difficult vineyards with features such as boom lift, hydraulic fold and wing lift (terrace adjust) fitted as standard features. Manufactured using high-quality components as well as having a galvanised chassis for longevity and low maintenance into the future. 

Octopus Plus Vineyard Sprayer


  • Polyethylene main tank, system washing kit, hand washing and pump washing kit tanks
  • Annovi Reberveri AR 1053 (105 lt/min, 50 atm) pump
  • 2 external level indicators
  • Kickstand with rotating wheel
  • Extra Nozzle outlet per dropper- now 4 outlets each
  • Bravo 180s Auto-Rate controller
  • Road Lighting system
  • Wide angle PTO drive shaft
  • Reinforced transmission with 2-Speed Gearbox and Neutral position
  • Nozzle bodies with flow control anti-drip valves and ATR nozzles
  • Arms system of 5 movements with double effect electro distributor
  • Galvanised Chassis
  • 2 Point swivel hitch

Talk to the team at AME to get the right features for your vineyard spraying needs.

  • Quality build and components
  • Convenient, folding boom system
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • 1500, 2000 and 3000 litre tank sizes
  • Easy to operate and manoeuvre even in challenging terrain

Octopus Plus PDS Ecopy

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