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Trailed sprayer for vineyards designed to work over rows for efficient application of crop protection chemicals

FMR V-Series Two Row Vineyard Sprayer

The tangential fan delivery system on the FMR V-Series two row vineyard sprayer ensures the product is distributed evenly and consistently. By providing  a curtain of high volume but low-pressure air across the target canopy, even coverage is achieved without any ‘striping’.

The easy set-up and hydraulic controls mean that the V-Series is practically a ‘point-and-drive’ sprayer, requiring minimal operator training or technical knowledge. No more heavy lifting of dangerous and maintenance-prone PTO shafts, connecting two hydraulic hoses to your tractor is all that’s required.  

Achieve unsurpassed accuracy in coverage with the V-Series 2 Row Vineyard Sprayer’s low-drift application system. 

The FMR V-Series Two Row Vineyard Sprayer uses Weber Tangential Fans for precise, low-pressure, and high-volume spray that adapts to different canopy heights. The air curtain is emitted from a tangential fan spinning on a vertical axis immediately before the outlet, resulting in air that is already turbulent when it is directed at the canopy. This causes the leaves to flutter, facilitating excellent penetration into the canopy and bunches.

Hydraulically driven, the tangential fan system requires less tractor power, which means savings on fuel, as well as tractor wear and tear.

The tangential fan delivery system is also available as a Single Row Sprayer, with options for trailed or linkage mount.

  • Weber tangential fans with roll-over nozzle bodies
  • Optional 3 point pivoting hitch
  • Optional third row kit
  • Electro-hydraulic width control
  • Single or tandem axle with suspension system
  • Bravo 300S auto rate controller
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Hydraulic boom arms with hydraulic rams & individual breakaway system
  • 100% dip galvanised chassis & boom frame
  • Fresh water capacity of 200l
  • Composite tank with 2300L, 3000L and 4000L capacities
  • Standard with wet boom

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