Tolley Viticulture and his ERO Barrel Pruner

FMR GROUP together with ERO GmbH of Germany has designed a Barrel Pruner specifically for Australian vineyards, a machine that is robust enough to handle large vineyards, rough terrain and intensive work rate.

The ERO VSL Barrel Pruner can be configured in many different ways to suit the individual requirement of every vineyard, from a basic six-blade pruner with optional side cutters for vertical shoot positioned (VSP) canopies to a pruner with an extra heavy duty mast and hydraulic adjustments to be used for single pass box pruning.

Simon Tolley, Director of Tolley Viticulture, has been operating the side mounted ERO pruner for the past two pruning seasons within the Adelaide Hills. He and his team assist vineyard owners and wineries to obtain maximum efficiencies with total vineyard management or associated vineyard services.

“Most blocks in this area have VSP shoots or canes with both two-wire foliage and three-wire foliage trellis designs,” said Tolley, who is a qualified and experienced viticulturist.

“The main reason why I have chosen the ERO Barrel Pruner is the quality finish and rapid work rate. Compared to my previous pruning machine the foliage wires follow through the machine easily, without getting caught or snagged.” This issue is prevented by having a small gap between the shearing discs, which allows wires to pass though.

“I can save time and money for my clients,” said Tolley. With an operating speed of up to six kilometres per hour, the ERO Barrel Pruner needs less hydraulic oil flow than other pruners which reduces the fuel consumption of the tractor and has therefore improved work efficiency.

“Even after the work is done, the ERO Barrel Pruner impresses with its minimal required maintenance and reduced cleaning time,” said Tolley. This is due to the slow speed rotors, reduced moving parts. “The frame is very light but strong so it doesn’t require counterweight which makes it an ideal machine for side mounting on a tractor.

“I can definitely recommend the ERO Barrel Pruner because it is not only a good quality product but I also get the service and support from the team at FMR Group in Mount Barker.”

Read article in Grapegrower & Winemaker from July 2015

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