What’s next in undervine weed management

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Undervine weed management has come a long way and become more popular in recent years, thanks to technological advancement and the shift to organics. But while traditional techniques are a thing of the past, weeds continue to be a big issue on Australian vineyards.

So if you’re battling weeds and wondering if there’s an easier way to combat them without chemicals, we’re here to tell you that there is!

“As any grower knows, the way you manage the undervine zone in your vineyard can seriously impact soil health and vine yield – which in turn affects profits,” says AME Group Managing Director, Cam Clifford.

“So it’s vitally important to consider your weed management strategy and invest in quality equipment to make light work of it all.”

What weed is that?

Before buying or upgrading your undervine management tools, it’s a good idea to get to know the weeds on your vineyard – especially since you may need to report or control some species.

At the same time, you’ll have a better idea about the effects of your existing weed management practices, and can take steps to minimise the spread or proliferation of some species.

Understanding how, when and where the weeds grow will also make it easier to choose the best weed control tools for your conditions. That’s because your local climate and soil type can determine the tools you’ll need to adequately manage weeds.

The one-two punch of weed control

Most growers need several different tools to properly combat and manage weeds. You may find that for your conditions, you need a dual strategy to control things like resident clumpy weeds, while also adopting a separate strategy to manage fast-growing summer annuals that shoot up and appear in the canopy at the blink of an eye.

A simple and effective alternative is a flexible tool carrier. You can simply purchase the one mounting system and control system, and then add the individual tools you need without buying separate equipment.

Take the NB Machinery XTREM tool carrier. It’s designed for durability and longevity, and is a breeze to maintain. Simply add an adaptor and you can connect a huge variety of tools to the front or rear of your tractor.

And if you don’t need as robust a system, the Merlot tool carrier will save you some money while still being flexible and feature-packed.

Upgrade your undervine weed management

Are you wondering which undervine weed management strategy is best for your needs and conditions? Our friendly team can advise you on the right solution for your vineyard.

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