Why an FMR R-SERIES for bio-dynamic YANGARRA ESTATE?

“I purchased an R-Series from FMR in 2012 for our certified bio-dynamic vineyard, Yangarra Estate Vineyard. The features that made the decision for me was the savings from the recycling system which has saved us approximately 30% of our average spray costs over the past 12 months, the reduction in spray drift which is important to us because we are confident our sprays are hitting the desired target and we have much less spray drift which fits perfectly with our bio-dynamic farming principals in having minimal impact on the surrounding environment, the robust construction of the sprayer is also great as some of our sites are undulating and rough. The R- Series handles all these conditions well. The fact that there is no PTO shaft due to the hydraulically run pump and the ease in using the spray controller makes operating of the unit very user friendly”

“I believe the FMR R-Series is the right choice for any vineyard that is looking to reduce costs, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of spraying and improve on the environmental impact and sustainability of their vineyard”

Michael Lane
Vineyard Manager
Yangarra Estate Vineyard

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