A sweeping upgrade for your vineyard

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your undervine weed management equipment, there are quite a few things to consider. But at the end of the day, what you’re looking for is a solution that helps you save time and be more efficient – while maintaining vine hygiene more easily and effectively. 


That’s where a flexible tool carrier comes into play. Rather than buying one piece of equipment such as a sweeper or mulcher, a tool carrier allows you to attach a plethora of tools (rather than buying big equipment) to get your vineyard operating at its best.


“The growers we chat with appreciate tool carriers like the NB Machinery XTREM tool carrier because they can sweep and mulch in one go,” says AME Group National Sales Manager, Lee Seatter. 


“With the sweeper on the front and mulcher on the back, they’re saving a lot in terms of time, passes and costs.”


That’s often better than buying a dedicated sweeper – or using an old one – that is less versatile. It’s also helpful if you have contractors who don’t know how to throw canes into the middle of the row or a tractor that can’t do two things in one pass, as the sweeper heads gather the prunings in the row centre – with the NB Machinery Mulcher working at the back.


Another handy feature is that you can easily replace the individual sweeper head brushes, rather than having to replace the entire fixed circle of brush in one go.


“That might seem like a small plus, but it can actually make a big difference day after day,” Lee says.


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