Spraying early? Get a load of these recovery rates

r series recycling sprayer

While delivery delays on viticulture sprayers and other equipment are causing havoc for local growers, we invested early to ensure you can get what you need, when you need it – including our exclusive range of recycling and recovery (FMR R-Series) sprayers.


But just how much can you save when it comes to time and chemicals? While there are many factors that come into play (such as vineyard size and spray area), you might be surprised to see what’s possible.


How much can you save?


Initially we developed, tested and launched our recycling sprayers in New Zealand to help combat the challenges posed by high wind and the resulting ‘chemical trespassing’ (or drift) troubling growers and their neighbours – with the chemical savings a secondary benefit.


After a decade in Australia, we see our customers experiencing a 30% recovery rate on average across the spraying season, in conjunction with reduced drift. When using the R-Series sprayers, the chemicals that don’t deposit on foliage are recycled back into the tank to be reused.


“In some cases, recovery rates have been proven to start out as high as 80% or even 90% – and land at around 10-15% savings by season end,” says National Sales Manager, Lee Seatter.


“As the chemicals that can be applied become more expensive, it’s understandable people want to make some savings – even if they don’t use traditionally pricey chemicals.”


What about efficiency?


That’s the other part of the equation to consider: time savings. Equipment like the FMR R-Series is packed with a number of new features and innovations that make managing your vineyard far more efficient.


“By finishing their spray round earlier (and/or not being hindered by wind), vineyard owners and contractors can then do another job in spring – so the time and efficiency savings are equally significant,” Lee says.


Ready to spray and save today?

Whether it’s overcoming spring winds or enjoying the time, chemical and efficiency savings, it’s worth considering spraying early – and upgrading your equipment. 

We have sprayers and a full range of viticulture equipment available and ready to go from your local dealer. So get a quote or get in touch with us today to discuss the best solution for your vineyard.

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